Announcing Jane and Fresh

Artwork not Final

Artwork not Final

Mr. Fresh, Canadian Award Winning Entrepreneur and C.E.O from Toronto tells his never before seen story!  In Toronto, there is a notoriously known neighbourhood called Jane and Finch, or Jane and Fresh which Mr. Fresh likes to call it. Learn how he was raised in the midst of guns, drugs, violence and poverty.

Learn what it’s like being raised in an area like this, and how it molded him from seeing drugs, and guns at an early age for the first time, to the successful businessman he is today becoming Fresh and Famous.

“I want you to know that despite if the odds are stacked against you, that you can be successful no matter what. I am a living example."

- Mr. Fresh.

Mr. Fresh has been featured on Global News, CP24 News, Rogers TV, Bell TV, Toronto Star Newspaper, Snap Newspaper, Vibe105.5FM Radio, and more!

With over 50,000 Mr. Fresh Air Fresheners sold without stocking in major outlets to date, the parent company formerly known as Mr. Fresh World Enterprise is now expanding into stardom with a new name and look, Fresh And Famous Inc. The goal is to sell our product line through our partners but mainly through at risk youth that need an avenue to make money in a toxic world allowing them to become Fresh And Famous with our affiliate marketing program. Fresh and Famous wants to help you to get your feet off the ground, spread your wings and soar through life.


Fresh and Famous Inc.